Gain Insight
Be the Change
Create Impact



You need to deliver as promised.

You have to do more with less.

Your team could be more cohesive.

Employee engagement could be better.

You've reached your limit and you aren’t sure of your next move.

You’ve tried…

-       hiring more team members

-       changing processes and systems

-       holding more meetings

But you have been playing an OUTER game, using only external ideas to solve your problems. 


I’d like to introduce you to the INNER game.

It’s time to look inside. Ask yourself:

Who am I as a leader?
What drives my behavior?
How does my energy impact the team?
What rules do I play by?

i2i is more than a company name.

Gaining the internal insight helps you make the external impact. Make the changes. See the difference.


You can’t copy great leadership.

You can’t simply use best practices and expect success.

You can’t fake it.

You become a GREAT leader by starting with yourself and then working outwards. This means a continuous cycle of insight, action and impact. Each time letting go of the old way of being and doing.

When we play from the inside-out, we get the results we want. We become who we were meant to be. These results could be:

  • Higher productivity

  • Boosted positivity

  • Enhanced ability to motivate and inspire

  • Create constructive engagement during conflict

  • Increased creativity and innovation

  • Better retention of leadership talent

  • A positive shift in team and organizational culture

  • Inspired creativity and innovation from your team

  • Increased success with change initiatives


If you are ready to step into your GREATNESS,
I’m your coach. 

Are you ready to play full out, from the inside out?